0 thoughts on “My Laptop = positive self-esteem

  1. It might not if you take it as meaning ‘having toy laptop -> developing positive self-esteem’.

    I see it as ‘understanding and solving problems -> developing positive self-esteem’. I see that whenever my soon four-year-old daughter play Flash games online (there are lots of really good ones, for instance at NickJr.com).

  2. i think the esteem comes from having a sophisticated toy that does cool stuff. not much different from some of the reasons we sell snazy phones.

    you would never guess, based on the range of other electronics they make, but vtech makes really simple yet amazing educational toys. my kids have used a few over the years.

    i heard that at one point the ceo’s son was the main tester, but the kid’s got to be too old for most of that stuff.

  3. If we define, or try to convince our customers to define, self-esteem as based on what we own, rather than what we do, then we’re going nowhere fast. Consumers may buy into the advertising, though, because, hey, it’s a lot easier to buy a new whiz-bang device than to actually tackle challenging tasks and overcome daunting hurdles to achieve self-esteem!

    My kids like electronic toys and computer games, too, but it’s clear to me that their brain power develops when they play strategic board games, build with construction toys, read books, and do puzzles. Just like my brain power (and hence my business and my self-esteem) develops when I read books or play Scrabble more than when I catch up on the news online.

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