Veen Blog Meme

Veen suggested this: What are the titles of the posts you have in your draft folder of shame?

The things where you’ve just thought of the title, but written nothing to back it up? The momentary points of self-deluded genius that in the cold light of day you thought better of?

From the last five years of rubbish, here’s just the titles of what I still have in draft:

  • 5am London
  • Who’s zooming who?
  • Short, steep and sticky
  • Tracking/emergence
  • Pop will eat itself
  • “There goes the fear”
  • (Rip, Mix,) Burn, Hollywood, Burn
  • Web services and brand
  • Which side are you on?
  • What dogs hear
  • DPH2004
  • The semiotics of CeBIT
  • Geoflow

Together now, these make now sense to me at least, as a list with a certain… resonance.

But individually?

Nah. Still nothing.

0 thoughts on “Veen Blog Meme

  1. Aw man, now I wanna know about “The semiotics of CeBIT”! How does it compare to other venues? What are the prominent signifiers, and how do they relate to actual “content”? What are the historical trends of (advertising) messages and their appearance? Etc.

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