Yubnub, Skype and Vodafone web access

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Foe wrote a simple yubnub command on the weekend, and suggested it might be quite neat when accessed from a mobile, in order to see whether the other person was available to call (over cellular, not Skype…)

Tried it this evening, to find that mystatus.skype.com was treated as a ‘restricted access’ site by Vodafone’s web gateway.

This is the bar put in place by default by Vodafone in order to stop kiddywinks downloading ‘premium adult content’ (surely they’re all busily making their own with camphones and uploading it to youtube?) – which after ages of wandering around Voda’s Heathrow-Airport of a website and two registrations (one of which involved entering a creditcard number to which I got charged £1 to prove my age, and reimbursed £2.50!?!?!!!) I finally managed to get removed.

I switched the phone on and off (!) and then tried the yubnub.org ‘Skype’ command again. It worked fine.

Finally - it works.

I tried it again with a different friend’s Skype handle, and I got bounced back to the “Restricted Access” page!!!

One can’t help but wonder what Vodafone is doing classing Skype in with porn, and making it as difficult as possible to get to their site online on your phone, it’s not as if Skype have even got a cellular product live yet.

Cockup… or conspiracy?

0 thoughts on “Yubnub, Skype and Vodafone web access

  1. too right, we have been trying bluepulse and come up against the same barrier!

    I have just spoken to voda and they say there are 2 levels of content control, 1 for adult and 1 for everything … I have asked them to lift it all and lets see.

  2. Hmmmm.

    It wouldn’t be the first Nanny Filter to prove less than efficient. A year or so ago, I’d forgotten the address of a pub I was headed for, tried to use Google through GRPS, and found a London pub site blocked to under-18s.

    As a result, I ended up on the North Circular, but that’s another story.

    I admit I was slightly scared of registering as an adult in case it made me look like Alan Partridge trying to watch Bangkok Chickboys.

    But I could sure do with a free £1.50.

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