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Gave my talk this morning at Lift06. Felt horrible from the stage – rushed through interesting stuff and dwelt on the wrong things. Luckily people still wanted to talk afterwards and got a lot of what I was trying to say about play and mobility.

Whether they thought it was right is another thing of course.

Personal highlight was being heckled by Bruce Sterling, after forgetting Olafur Eliasson’s name.

Timo took a picture a slide that I put in at the last minute, which looking back on it, basically sums up and communicates everything I’m interested in, or ever been interested in or think is important at the moment – my own personal aleph.

So I guess I’m done!

0 thoughts on “Aleph Slide

  1. No worries Matt, you were great and I feel terribly sorry for having cut the conversation (I had to played the bad guy).

    What you brought was right on the sport I was looking for!

    Thanks a lot.

  2. i reckon there must be oh, at least 200 million digits in London alone. some bitten, some designed and polished, some in their own gloved clothing. is your experience design work really just about digit fetish?

  3. you seen this trigger phone – it’s probably age old so apologies if you have:
    i like the sense of play it could engender and the utility you could enable from the ‘centrifugal replay’… phone Matt by doing a quick draw. tap once to answer, twice to put to answerphone. etc etc. suitable for all kinds of physical ticks. fun.

    you really need to get nokia doing some ‘make’ style concept phones like the above… that would be great and such good PR.

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