(Lost) my last iPod.

This afternoon, in the rain and the thunder, I lost my iPod.

I bought it in San Francisco, last time I was there a few months ago. Went for the 60gb version – retro-justifying this by saying that, with that amount of storage, it would be my last iPod ever.

This afternoon, in the rain and the thunder – running up the steps of Southwark Bridge, I felt the headphone jack come free. This happens all the time to me, as the Shure's lead is long and gets snagged. I thought nothing of it for a minute or so, until I'd crossed the road on the Southwark Bridge and reached for my iPod. It was gone.

Ran back to the steps. Swiped. London-taxed.

My last iPod. Gone.


I think it will remain my last iPod.

That is – I don't feel the urge to replace it.

I didn't really feel any affection toward it like I had previous pods. Not sure why. It was my first colour-screen pod, which seemed cheaper and nastier than the monochrome non-anti-aliased goodness of my 5gb mini.

Maybe it was the way my entire musical history seemed to swash about like so much small change in the vast 60gbness of the new pod.

My musical habits have changed since I started buying into the ipodgemony – now I listen far more to radio, last.fm and pandora than my itunes collection, and I've been buying more from bleep and other stores that sell me songs I can use anywhere.

So – it's time to eat the dogfood and rely on my mobile for my music from now on. I can probably get a decent-sized miniSD card for it, the podcasting app on it works very nicely, and it plays radio. I should get along fine with it.

At least till the Zune comes out…

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One thought on “(Lost) my last iPod.

  1. shame about the pod, but given what you do for a living you should be using the moblie? Wierd though i think the sheen comming off the ipod is more to do with it's proliferation, it's available everywhere and isn't quite as revolutionary as it once was. As you say there are any number of competing music services out there…one thing it's great for though, driving LA to The Russian River – IO found a whole knew love for it on that trip.So beer soon then??? hmmm????

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