Any SxSW tips for a first-time speaker?

Confirmed today that I'm going to be at SxSW Interactive this year, thanks to the kind invitation of Mr. Kevin Cheung.

I'm going to be on a panel talking about design for mobile, which is going to be a little wierd because what I do in the day job generally is help design mobiles themselves, their interaction design frameworks, the GUI and the apps on top – but I haven't really been up in the content layer for a while… Also, generally I'm working on stuff 18 months to 2 years out.

I hope people will be entertained / informed if I talk from that perspective and reach up to the content layer concerns as best I can. I'm not so familiar with SxSW – having only attended once and never spoken. I know a lot of people in my neighbourhood on Vox have – any tips?

P.s. I scored a room in the Hotel San Jose, which was a great place to hang out last time I was there.

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