Richard James/Turntable Cafe: A Noson Llawen

The Seven Sleepers Den
Richard James

We just came back from a performance by Richard James and supporting band at the Purcell Rooms, organised by St. Etienne as part of their "Turntable cafe" events.

It was a special Welsh-themed event, with screenings of vintage Welsh pop TV show "Disc-A-Dawn" preceding the ex-Gorky's Zygotic Mynci member's show.

In a word it was lovely, especially for someone extremely jetlagged. It would be kindest to say that the lyrics were undemanding – but his guitar and banjo playing more than made up for that.

I walked out with the album, and also the Welsh Rare Beat compilation compiled by Gruff Rhys, Andy Votel et al.

Also walked out with a conviction to get back to my schoolboy standard of Welsh-speaking before next St. David's Day…

Many thanks to Russell for turning me on to the event. Cracking stuff.

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