Has twitter displaced liveblogging at Etech?

Another blogpost about twitter… yawn.

but – as Trevor says:

"I'm not seeing the frantic, multimodal ETech blog coverage as in past years. Has it jumped the shark or am I just unsubscribed?"

Even the most prolific conference liveblogger I know, Alice, has just been spooling flickr pics with the occasional contextual paragraph.

Chris and I (neither of whom are at Etech) were talking about this yesterday over lunch. I have a different theory – Twitter has given people a backchannel that doesn't require a laptop – which means less time in a blog writing environ.

'Context Spooling' has displaced blogging…?


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One thought on “Has twitter displaced liveblogging at Etech?

  1. Well, I barely had a laptop during the conference, and even when I did, I tended to go for paper notes (how retro!) instead. IRC seemed as busy a backchannel as ever when I was there, though. Maybe it's just the influence of bite-sized culture: writing posts takes time.

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