Into the uncanny valley of Xbox360…

I bought an Xbox 360 yesterday as a companion to getting a nice big HD flatscreen – so far haven't really done anything more than been a UI nerd about the 'blades' interface, downloaded a trial of Viva Pinata (which Foe seemed to get into, but looks like a lot of hard work to me), enjoyed a bit of Boom-Boom Rocket (but not sure it will have that much longevity – esp. with Foe shouting about how much it pays 'homage' to the fireworks minigames in VMK!) and gotten beaten a lot by the computer (console?) in Rockstar Table Tennis.

RTT really is my first gaming experience of the uncanny valley as has been described by Clive Thompson with reference to hidef gaming. I wonder however if the valley can be escaped by getting the high-polygon-count NPCs to be possessed like puppets from afar.

Which is a long winded way of saying: can get I get your gamertags?

Mine is moleitau.

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