Geonerdery getting easier…

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Played for the first time this evening with the Nokia Sports Tracker app on the N95. I placed it in the front pouch of my Brompton bag and set off for the station from the office.

The GPS usually acquires satellites painfully slowly, but it got a fix fairly quickly – helped by being in the middle of semi-rural Hampshire, with the tallest thing for miles being a squat 3-storey technology company HQ…

There’s an “autopause” feature on the app which seems to notice when you’ve been at rest for a while, which is a nice touch – but the best thing was once I’d got home and discovered the ease at which you can export it to something like Google Earth.

It was a three-click operation to save and send the file to my Macbook, where I just double clicked it and swooped in on my little bike ride from orbit.


0 thoughts on “Geonerdery getting easier…

  1. nice gizmo! i saw a pair of kecks today with a built in i-pod interface, complete with sockets & buttons etc.. hmm…

    any road up, you kids might fancy a bit of this:

    b.TWEEN 07 – The UK’s biggest annual interactive media industry gathering! If you’ve got a snazzy techie idea like this and reckon it could be a money spinner then you really should take a look here:

    Loads of top creative technology bods mashing it up in a big geek fest!

    be quick mind, there’s limited places and it kicks off next week

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