Hulu-buloo! Lower lights!!!

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Lower lights?!?, originally uploaded by blackbeltjones.

Lots of hullabaloo about Hulu today, but the thing that intrigued me about the design – apart from the wonderful lack of feature-creep and the cleanliness that seems to bring it – was a single button, marked “Lower lights”.

I’m imagining it’s not an X10 controller interface, but rather does something marvellous in order to further focus your attention on the video – removing extraneous buttons or UI features, dimming the ‘computer’ to amp up the ‘telly’.

In other words, a wonderful, evocative rebranding of something very simple, standard and known: “full-screen mode”.

Well, what do you think it does?

3 thoughts on “Hulu-buloo! Lower lights!!!

  1. There’s an identical feature in Adobe Lightroom called “Lights Out” which lets you cycle the UI through OFF/DIM/ON by hitting the L key – really useful for quick decluttering when working on photo developing. The Hulu player uses Adobe technology so would make sense.

  2. A Barry White song with an added vinyl snap’n’cracle in the beginning starts to play. Screen turns darker, text turns blurry and reddish pink lights start pulsating on the screen.

  3. About the same thing the divx firefox plugin (I think it is this one), and some illegal movie websites, it creates a “lightbox” effect below the movie, darkening the white half of the page.

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