Retconning Alternative-3

Chances are if we’ve been to the pub together over the last 15 years, I will have mentioned Alternative-3, amongst the canon of great media proto-ARGs that include Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds, Ghostwatch, etc.


I re-watched it on the plane over to the USA, and my addled-brain couldn’t help but retcon the whole thing into the LOST universe.


It was made of course, when the DHARMA initiative is intended to have made their orientation movies, which helps.


But the plot within it is worthy of Abrams, Lindelhof, et al.


And I was suprised that I found some parts genuinely sinister/scary still.


The biggest suprise?



0 thoughts on “Retconning Alternative-3

  1. Matt – mmm, I remember watching that as a kid. There was a lot of confusion over whether or not it was supposed to be taken seriously; it was supposed to be broadcast on April 1st but didn’t actually get shown for a couple of weeks. Eno’s theme for the show is on his “Music for films” album.

    If you’re interested, there was a Fortean Times retrospective on the show a while ago, and the biggest surprise for me was that “Dr Gerstein” is now far more recognisable as Colonel von Strohm from Allo Allo!

  2. I was shocked to see the Eno credit too. Turned out I already had a copy of it – the track (titled “Alternative 3”) is on Music For Films. Never put the two together until I finally saw A3.

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