Eliza at the crossroads

A bit of a confabulation this, but what’s new.

A couple of weeks ago I was luck enough to sit in on one of Adam‘s classes at ITP.

Notes from Adam's class on 'crossroads' at ITP

The subjects that week were ‘crossroads’ as places of special consideration in culture and architecture, and from there to their (near) future place in everyware-augmented cities.

Candy Chang’s “Sidewalk Psychiatry”
(via BB) made me think of the recently-late Joseph Weizenbaum‘s Eliza…*

I wonder if as a memorial to Weizenbaum, Eliza’s ambiguous-but-probing questions could be engraved into the sidewalks at the crossroads of a city…

* see also MindHack’s tribute to Joseph Weizenbaum

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