Two-thousand and prate, update


Next week is mainly going to be the scary prospect of me speaking my brains at the West Coast until they’re sick of it.

First up, on Tuesday, I’m closing-out the Adaptive Path MX conference in a double-feature with Scott Hirsch. I’m hoping everyone will dig the short rock opera about social software we’ve come up with.

Then, I’m very pleased to say that my old china-plate Tom Coates is going to join me to talk about Personal Informatics at Web2.0Expo next week in San Francisco.

Tom’s been fascinated by this area for a long time I know, and the launch of FireEagle has added practical experience of creating services within the domain, so he’s really going to strap rocket-boosters to the session.

Jen Pahlka of Web2.0Expo asked me some questions about the talk/discussion that give some more flavour of what territory we’re going to try and cover. It’s going to be grounded in work on Dopplr and FireEagle, but hoping the discussion will wander off into questions of near-future EveryWare.

I’m also going to be on a round-table panel as part of Web2.0Open about UI for data-portability with Leslie the Infonaut, Tony Stubblebine and Mr. Messina, straight after, so I will be a wreck after that…

But, hopefully after a restorative burrito, I’ll have the energy for one last gig at SF IxDA, where I’ll be talking about the Howies Machine amongst other things referencing my old favourite theme of design and play.

A full week! Hopefully see you somewhere along the way.

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