O, skateboarding!

21062008260, originally uploaded by antimega.

I’m far too old and creaky for it now, but as long-time readers will know I still have a fondness for those who skate the city.
This sign – captured by Chris, adapted liberally by another – is at the Brunswick Centre in London.
I especially like the way that perhaps the graphic designers or someone along the chain chose symbols that make the prohibited activities seem enormous fun…
This post is also a mental book mark for an idea I had while wandering the RCA show to adapt my long-neglected deck into something more useful for my sedentary, border-line geriatric self…

0 thoughts on “O, skateboarding!

  1. I must admit that for years I thought the red circle with a bike in the middle meant cycle path. So i always rode down alleys with them on!

  2. The thing I love about those signs is their utter lack of standardisation. It seems that, a century after the invention of the safety bicycle, we now know how to represent it in an icon, so maybe in another forty or fifty years there’ll finally be a single skateboarding prohibition standard.

  3. An old deck makes a perfect TV dinner table when placed across the arms of a comfy armchair. Ideally the trucks and wheels should fit snugly up against the arms of the chair to avoid slippage due to the involuntary muscle spasms that often plague men in the later stages of life.

    Another tip for the ageing skateboarder is to move on to longboarding, a field that provides an old man with an adequate dose of adrenalin without the need to master control of the legs as required by modern streetboarding.

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