[overhead shot of a table in an expensive modern-european restaurant. It's not a capital, but it's one of those cities  on the thinktank/summit-circuit that treaties get named after. Two people are talking. A man in his fifties and a woman in her mid thirties. Both are understated in appearance, but obviously expensively dressed. Both of their smartphones are turned screen-down on the table. It's unclear to us who is the most important. And it's unclear which one is saying the following]

Governments and corporates know me as 'Switchboard', which is how I like to keep it.

I have an aptitude.

Well, a few aptitudes.

But, mainly – I'm very good at people.

Especially those who can't really be described as people anymore. I know what they're good for, what they want and – how to get hold of them.

I've never saved the world, but I've probably had lunch with someone who has.

I'm who you call if you have, y'know -  a *really* big problem.


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