Balanced Anarchy

I’ve started watching “The Day The Universe Changed” in 10 minute bites on youtube.

I love this contemporary review from the Sydney Morning Herald:

This series, in which he verbally dances through the earth-shattering events in history is, quite simply, exciting. Like an intravenous slug of ice-cold Akvavit, he provokes shivers of shock and pleasure. His mix of cleverness, egotism, fun, imagination and accessibility is similar to the television styles of Robert Hughes or J.K.Galbraith, except that Burke is also naughty — like a mischievous elf.

Mind-Gangster # 1.

2 thoughts on “Balanced Anarchy

  1. Awesome series. Made me want to be a historian of science, which is what I am. Burke had a way in this stuff and in Connections of weaving some lovely historical intricacies together…

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