Shipping Forecast Rosary

Shipping Forecast Rosary, originally uploaded by moleitau.

A side-project I’ve been playing with for a couple of months now. Have prototyped it using Ponoko, and now hope to make a couple of different material explorations – maybe even into metal.

Shipping Forecast Rosary - 06

It needs a bit more fine-tuning and then I’ll probably put them up for a limited sale on Folksy.

More pictures of the work-in-progress here.

8 thoughts on “Shipping Forecast Rosary

  1. Me too. I’ve been thinking a bit about reverse atlases and communities defined by seabords, and I’m not even able to watch ‘Coast’ on the Beeb (legally).

    But I love the implicit analogy: like worry beads (the archetype of the rosary) the zero-hours-forty-eight shipping forecast is more than a little OCD, the equivalent of checking that the lights are off, the doors and windows are locked, and the sandwiches are wrapped up for tomorrow’s lunch.

  2. The inherent Britishness of the Shipping Forecast is attractive as well. It’s a stoic element of shared cultural history, and can be immensely calming to an expat who finds it on BBC World Service.

    I can just imagine reciting the almost Lewis Carroll-esqe nonsense poetry of the regional names whilst flicking them around a leather cord bracelet on a long night-time journey.

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