Women Of The World – Take Over: 2010’s music

As has become habit for me, I grabbed my end of year charts from last.fm

Last.fm charts 2010: My Top 10 Artists

Eno at the top, Bowie close behind – unassailable by now.

While Eno, and The Black Keys have put new records out in 2010, Four Tet is the only act that can really claim to have dented my 2010 with music from 2010.

Last.fm charts 2010: My Top 10 Albums

“There is love in you” dominated my 2010.

Walking music, working music – dancing-round-the-kitchen-cooking music. It’s a cracker. Best Coast’s debut album “Crazy for you” gets in there too. More of them later.

Last.fm charts 2010: My Top 10 Tracks

“Sing” from that album got heaviest-rotation, and coincidentally right below it is the snappily-titled “OAR003-B” by Oni Ahyhun (otherwise known as Olof from The Knife) which I think I first heard on a mix by Keiran Hebden (Fourtet) in close aural proximity to his track.

But for various boring reasons (mainly how much I listen to music on my phone), the last.fm stats don’t really tell the story of the albums of 2010 that made the greatest impression on me this year.

And, they’re overwhelmingly by female-led acts.

She and Him: Vol 2

A lovely record, associated with driving through Wales to some of my favourite places – Aberdovey, Cardigan, Laugharne – and climbing Snowdon on our wedding anniversary.

Best Coast: Crazy for You

Sing-along slabs of fried sunshine. Seems to be on constant loop in our local, The Book Club.

Sleigh Bells
But I think the crown has to go to Sleigh Bells.

Not only incredible pop, but incredible pop that couldn’t have come from anywhen but 2010. I loved all of “Treats”, especially “Infinity Guitars” and “Riot Rhythm” – but the opening track, and debut single “Tell ‘Em” grabs you with it’s incredible intro: all-together now – “SPUGGA-DUGGA! BEW!!! BEW!!!”

Also worth trawling youtube for the seemingly-ever-multiplying Sleigh Bells Vs … remixes…

Let’s give some too-early-to-tell-honourable-mentions to Warpaint

Twin Sister

..and Guards

But, I’ll finish up with two beauties.

Firstly, “Further” by The Chemical Brothers… especially “Swoon”

I’m liking the hyperdrive MBV-ness of your late-period Chems.

Not shoegaze, but… Screengaze?



Finally, probably my absolute favourite album of the year is the beautiful, hauntological post-ambirock soundtrack “Man of Aran” by British Sea Power.

Huge grey oceans, dark arcologies of cloud, massive shear cliff faces and dazzling bursts of sunlight – all in your ears.

“Come Wander With Me” is the one I find myself humming nearly everyday.

I’m cheating – “Man of Aran” came out in 2009, but hey – It’s 2011 already and it’s staying…

One thought on “Women Of The World – Take Over: 2010’s music

  1. That shoegaze-but-not thing I would, if I were writing for the NME or suchlike, be trying damn hard to call navelgaze.

    On account of the staring at laptops.

    Also a nice contrast to British Sea Power’s navalgaze.

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