Phil Gyford, on knowing what you’re talking about.

If only more conference speakers felt this way…

I give very few talks about anything. I am terrible at knowing what I know. I assume that most people in the audience of any conference I attend will know more than me about anything I could talk about. For similar reasons, I’m no good at thinking of things I could write about for magazines. You all know what I know.

It turns out that I need to run a website on a very specialised topic for eight years before I’m in a position to feel confident talking about it. This may be a little extreme.

Probably something I should bear in mind.

“More hammering, less yammering” as Bleecker puts it.

2 thoughts on “Phil Gyford, on knowing what you’re talking about.

  1. “More hammering, less yammering” is a paraphrasing of a quote from a China Mieville book, Iron Council. Which only makes it more awesome.

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