A bolt of lightning from a Dynamo

James Greig, head of design of the fantastic Vulpine cycling empire linked to this dataviz by Strava of a typical Saturday’s rides worldwide.

I started to click and wander around…

The Afan Valley gets nicely lit-up on Saturday morning by discerning MTB’ers…

Afan Valley Strava map

But what caught my eye was when I scrubbed the time-line selector back to the early hours of the morning, instead of a blank map I saw a single bolt of blue start to shoot out of London toward the Suffolk coast.

It must be the Dunwich Dynamo!

You can clearly make out the ride progressing from the outer-reaches of London…

At the start

…toward that refreshing dip in the North Sea at Dunwich.

Dunwich Dynamo beach

Here’s a little animated gif I made of that bolt of brave people peddling through the night to the sea.

Doesn’t make up for missing it this year, but nice to find something so rich in story in the Strava data…

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