The Betteridge Boast/Boost

I’m shamed into blogging more regularly by Mr Betteridge’s post:

“Keeping writing a blog is hard work, and takes commitment, and it’s very easy to drift out of that commitment. One of the reasons that I decided to start trying to write 500 words a day is because I believed that making this kind of commitment was good for me. But it was also an attempt to avoid pouring too much of a my energy into things like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks which – while fun, and generally positive – don’t feel like they have the permanence of my own space. This blog is older than Facebook, and I like that.”

Well… strictly speaking, I don’t quite own my own words right now, I’m hosted on – but this blog (in its many incarnations) is older than facebook too…

*checks sidebar* – It’ll be 14 years old this summer! Blimey…

Thanks for the prod, Ian – I’ll try me best.

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