My IxD15 conference talk: “Jumping to the end”

Matt Jones: Jumping to the End — Practical Design Fiction from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

This talk summarizes a lot of the approaches that we used in the studio at BERG, and some of those that have carried on in my work with the gang at Google Creative Lab in NYC.

Unfortunately, I can’t show a lot of that work in public, so many of the examples are from BERG days…

Many thanks to Catherine Nygaard and Ben Fullerton for inviting me (and especially to Catherine for putting up with me clowning around behind here while she was introducing me…)

5 thoughts on “My IxD15 conference talk: “Jumping to the end”

  1. This is Leo Lee from Taipei Computer Association. We’ve met at Interaction 15, participant of your speech “Jumping to the End: Practical Design Fiction at Google Creative Lab & BERG”. I’ve invited you to Taiwan to give the keynote speech in person. Here to ask you genuinely once again.

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