LazyWeb: tag to print spooler

If you are anything like me, (a) how are you finding it? and (b) you probably have a lot of entries in tagged “toread” or “to_read” etc. etc. which you have not got round to actually, y’know, reading.

Yesterday I made the effort to actually print out some of the things I had tagged to read, and – read them!

What I’d like, LazyWeb, therefore – is a site/script/widget/thing that would

  • grab the URLs of what I have tagged “to_read” (or an arbitrary tag, of course)
  • goes and gets the text found at those URLs (this doesn’t have to be pretty)
  • then smooshes them together into a file I can then print or save for later printing.

How about it?

Almost guaranteed fame on lifehacker/43folders would be yours, as well as my undying gratitude.


Matt Biddulph contributes this:

OK, you need lynx installed to get a nice dump of html to text file.
For a mac,
might have what you need.

Paste this in a terminal window on any mac or unix machine:

for a in `curl | grep
'<link>' | cut -d\> -f 2 | cut -d\ toread.txt

and it’ll make reading.txt with a html2text concatenation of all your
toread links.

Excellent – will try this on the weekend and report back…


Things I dearly wish I had today

A partial list:

  • An understandable guide to the intricacies of aliasadm
  • A ‘delete all from spam folder’ button in gmail
  • the phone number of the gmail product manager to:
    (a) ask for a ‘delete all from spam folder’ button in gmail
    (b) ask them to delete all 380849 spam emails from my spam folder for me so I don’t have to do it 100 at a time, and sidestepping the resulting 7616 clicks necessary to do so

I’ve mailed gmail support already, before you ask.