0 thoughts on “Lazyweb: Last.fm to Bleep

  1. Yes, too true. I love the new look but I can’t believe I am now expected to download standalone software to listen to their streams, and they got rid of the lovely personalised album cover quilts. What else?

  2. Bleep is indeed one of the nicest online shops I have ever used. The flash-based track preview blows everything else away.

    I’m not so sure about Last.fm anymore; the concept is indeed spectacular, and they finally have a site that doesn’t choke on every reload, but the requirement for the proprietary player really sucks (although you can make a good argument why it makes sense for them).

    Did you check out Pandora? They offer a similar service to Last.fm but using a totally different strategy. http://pandora.com/ (Check my blog for an introduction to Pandora, and an analysis of the two concepts.)

    And I still have some invites if anyone is interested.

  3. The quilt lives! Click your ‘charts’ tab, then select the ‘album’ chart. It’s bigger than ever, in fact…

  4. My album ‘quilt’ is really out of date; it shows albums from music I’ve hardly ever listened to, and some I’ve not listened to for aaaages.

    But what I want to know, can you see that long log of tracks (sorted by time) you used to be able to, stretching back into time. It was there for you to remove stuff from your profile, but has that gone as well?

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