Nature Space Society: Manuel DeLanda

Event at the Tate Modern [via RodCorp]:

“The Institute for Meteorological Mediation is part of Olafur Eliasson’s The Weather Project. The Institute consists of three sessions on the relationships between society, space and nature, and how they are currently being transformed both theoretically and by technological and environmental changes in the world. Each session features a keynote presentation by a major theorist whose work bridges art and science, followed by discussions involving Olafur Eliasson* and Doreen Massey (Professor of Geography at the Open University)”

” The keynote speaker for the first of the three sessions is Manuel DeLanda – a New York based philosopher and science writer with an exceptionally cross-disciplinary body of work. His publications include War in the Age of Intelligent Machines, One Thousand Years of Non-Linear History and Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy.”

* Olafur Eliasson being the artist behind The Weather Project.

Unfortunately, it looks like I will have to settle for the webcast. This sounds interesting too – an artist who re-draws maps from memory.

» Tate Modern: Nature Space Society: Manuel DeLanda

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