We built this city


well… not rock and roll it seems. This from the online prospectus for a course by the London Consortium MRes/Phd course: “Shit and civilization: our ambivalent relationship to ordure in the city, culture and the psyche”:

“Our societies are, quite literally, founded on shit. Civilization means living in cities and cities are confronted, in a way more dispersed settlements are not, with heaps of garbage and ordure.

The course brings together two distinct disciplinary registers, architecture and the analysis of the built environment, and anthropology and psychoanalysis, to show this ambivalence. Thus the phenomena of the built environment and the cultural rules and psychical formations that seek to contain the pollution of matter out of place will be examined together. Shit in contemporary art and film will also be considered in the course.”

» http://www.londonconsortium.com/shit.htm

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