Racoons, Rudy Rucker and Fiction Suits

Reflecting on Nokia Lifeblog, Jeremy Bushnell’s Raccoon blog quotes Rudy Rucker in Mondo2000:

“I want to have my life’s work on a CD with an access system that can call up any part of it, key on it with a cursor, and then go out into my journals, see what was happening, or get into my essays, see what I was doing then or find other stories that used a particular item and have it all be totally seamless … I’m trying to merge my life with my fiction and essentially create a word model of my consciousness.”

Two related Grant Morrison quotes on merging with fiction:

“As you read, the complete human archive – films and diaries and paintings and newspapers, recipes and family photos, abstracted to strings of ones and zeroes – is undergoing a steady, discreet conversion into digital data. Our entire cultural record, available in every home, via the telephone, direct to the screen, making History as convenient as the local 24-hour cornershop.

I submit that, just as the sailing ships of the Mediterranean empires opened the doors to the New World, just as space shuttles ferry our astronauts to the foothills of the infinite, so are our computers prototype time travel engines. The technology may be gumming a rusk but steps to develop the undefiled landscapes of our foremothers and fathers are already being taken. A computer, a digital camera, a modem, some Photoshop packages: all you’ll need to plan your own holiday in All Our Yesterdays. Think of Tom Hanks in ‘Forrest Gump’, schmoozing LBJ, Lennon and Bobby Kennedy. Think of the young Dennis Hopper shanghaied into a car ad by his older, more cynical self. Think, above all, of the potential ;wearing our own cut-and-pasted images like spacesuits, we can freefall into the picture libraries of the past and party with the dead.”source


“Not ALL of our fictions are becoming realities, only those memetically-engineered to do so by experts like myself and Snoop Dogg.”source

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