DNA on sufficiently-advanced technology

Great Douglas Adams quote found at Helmintholog:

“Of course, we don’t have real intelligence cracked – it’s a bit like Zeno’s paradox: we get closer and closer to the actual business of language, without ever reaching it. Like sawing someone in half: considered as a medical problem, it is very very difficult indeed. But if you just want to convince a large audience that you have sawn a lady in half in a cabinet – that’s easy.

I say that we really want to be fooled, and that is the secret of persuading people that we have found artificial intelligence. Even very stupid bots can appear intelligent if they are acting in accord with our preconceptions. “

0 thoughts on “DNA on sufficiently-advanced technology

  1. The “very stupid bots” we was describing were, of course, the ones in Starship Titanic.

    (More on how they were made to appear clever over in the comments at Helmintholog)

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