Motional rescue

Nice to see a few people excited by the “airtexting” feature of the active-cover enhancement to the new Nokia 3220. It seems though that they’ve missed* what, for me, is the feature with the most potential: the motion-detecting accelerometer.

Aside for how much fun it is to play games using your body as an interface, it could open up possibilities of gestural interfaces and tangible interaction to a mass audience.

In the near-future, combined with geolocation and touch interactions, starts to create a platform for situated, contextual interfaces to digital services, and some awesome opportunites for mixed-reality games.

Be Mario in Manchester, leaping Le-Parkour-style for the power-ups that only your phone tells you are there; or get on the bus and be Solid Snake in Salford, sneaking around the specialist pasta aisle of the Safeway, avoiding the tracking lasers coming from the old lady’s hats.

UPDATE: Tom Hume gets it. “Backwards-Tron”. Brilliant.

FURTHER UPDATE: Jens got there first…

0 thoughts on “Motional rescue

  1. Always detested flashing lights on phones (neon aerials, pointless Ericsson status lights), but I can imagine this being really playful and engaging.

    Persistence of vision: the foundation of cinema, writing with sparklers, this is so ingenious, I like taking the private world of phones and making it affect space and place, in such a tangible way.

    The locative gaming could be great too, but for the moment I’m just thinking about the possibilities of affecting events, lectures, public space.

  2. doctors use motion sensing for a few serious medical conditions.

    You can help people to understand weight issues by montioring movement and it is also a very good sign for depression – the less you move the more depressed you are.

    Imagine how feedback from motion sensors in the phone could gather data about how much exercise you are taking? Based on time, location and your specific health needs, a service could send you ideas on what to do or connect you with people who may be able to give you some advice.

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