New meaning for the Long Now

From Melvyn Bragg’s “In our time” newsletter:

“After the programme a lot of the talk was about a word new to me: ‘presentism’. This is the burden under which historians who teach say that they labour increasingly, ie: everything in the past (more than 10 or 15 years ago) has to be described first in terms of the present.

The idea of a century or even a previous generation being radically different from our own in its political structure, its transport structure, etc, is, I was told, increasingly hard to grab hold of.”

» BBC Radio 4: In our time

0 thoughts on “New meaning for the Long Now

  1. Am I reading that correctly? That history students are unable to grasp history? That they are unable to imagine that there are/were people who lived in circumstances other than the one(s) they themselves live in? Eeek…

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