phrenology continued

Kevan has knocked up an awesome visualisation tool for a user’s tags.

Here’s what mine looks like:


As compared to my hand-tooled version.

Here’s what Chris looks like:


Here’s what Clay looks like:


Here’s what Warren looks like:


And here’s what Foe looks like:


Kevan has named it:

extispicious, a. [L. extispicium an inspection of the innards for divination; extra the entrails + specer to look at.] Relating to the inspection of entrails for prognostication.

and it does feel a little bit mystical, but not guts, more tea-leaves. Or even phrenological, seeing the bumps in peoples outboard-brains…

» – charting the tags of users

0 thoughts on “ phrenology continued

  1. Matt,

    interesting, but not as wild as the old Hotsauce fly-thru application from the Apple Research labs a few years back. With that you could not only visualise your file structure, you could ‘fly’ through your drive.


  2. It would have been nice if Kevan had at least talked to Joshua; it’s been unexpected load on the server, and it’s not using the provided API, but screen scraping.

    If it used the API, and played nice, it could do clustering too.

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