Lifeblog Beta is here…

Minna tells me that Nokia Lifeblog Beta (Windows PC only, I’m afraid) is available for download here, as is the s60 client for the Nokia 7610.

As the website says, if you don’t have that phone (as I didn’t for a while) you can still use the PC app, which imports jpgs quite happily.

I’ve been using it since May, and it makes for a lovely digital shoebox.

UPDATE: Just noticed you can win a futurephone by giving the Lifeblog team your feedback:

“From now until September 30, 2004, submitting a bug report gives you the chance to walk away with a Nokia 7610 or 6630 imaging phone. The best, most comprehensive report wins! “

Damn – I’d love a 6630, and I’ve been using Lifeblog enough to put in a pretty good report already, but something gives me the feeling I’m not elligible… 😉

» Nokia Lifeblog: Download Beta

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