Hell, yes.

Preacher Sterling sermonises Siggraph:

“Having conquered the world made of bits, you need to reform the world made of atoms. Not the simulated image on the screen, but corporeal, physical reality. Not meshes and splines, but big hefty skull-crackingly solid things that you can pick up and throw. That’s the world that needs conquering. Because that world can’t manage on its own. It is not sustainable, it has no future, and it needs one.

It is going to get one from you.

Now let me briefly tell you how I think this process will play out.

Listen to this: ProE, FormZ, Catia, Rhino, Solidworks. Wifi, bluetooth, WiMax. Radio frequency ID chips. Global and local positioning systems. Digital inventory systems. Cradle-to-cradle production methods. Design for disassembly. Social software, customer relations management. Open source manufacturing.

These jigsaw pieces are snapping together. They create a picture, the picture of a new and different kind of physicality. It’s a new relationship between humans and objects.”

Can I get a…



It’s a tubthumping tour-de-force arguing for tangible computing, transparent technological change and sustainable society. Oh, and “Spimes”.

See also McCullough’s “Digital Ground” (or Andrew’s excellent review), and my “Remap” riff.

» When Blobjects Rule the Earth by Bruce Sterling
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