Last(.fm) to the party

This last week I’ve been using an awful lot.

I know I must be in the tail of the adoption curve on this (hey, I’m an old married man now, I’m allowed!) but I’ve really been enjoying it as a source for new music.

I type in three ‘established’ bands I’ve heard of, and generally the profile radio option returns a continuous stream of acts that I’ve never heard of, or don’t own much of – but nevertheless enjoy.

The interface design makes me wince each time I visit though. I might take a crack at an alternative interface in the next week or so, after using it a bit more.

0 thoughts on “Last(.fm) to the party

  1. AudioScrobbler ( is worth a look if you do Last.FM… it’ll let your non-Last.FM listening tastes affect your radio stream, plus it promises to give you recommendations based on musical neighbours. You’ll already have a profile as LFM is a sister company and they share data.

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