The future of worrying about your colleagues

Chris has bought a bluetooth GPS and hacked together a feature on his website which reports his current position via his mobile phone.

Checking this morning it reported this about 30 minutes ago:

Current location is
lat 60.016373,
long 24.916592.
Last seen at 05:55 GMT (probably 8:55 local), 05/10/04.
Moving at 1.8 mph.

I loved the fact that I could picture Chris walking at a brisk 1.8 mph… However, clicking on the “map” link gave me pause for thought. It seemed that Chris was in the drink, several kilometres into the Baltic from Helsinki!


I’m about to leave for work, so hopefully I will find a dry and safe Chris to report a bug to. More seriously, Chris makes a good point about his experiment for those working on ubiquitous computing:

“Unless I try it myself, I will never know what unexpected consequences publishing this information will have. Self-ethnography is not scientifically valid, but I think it’s one of the best ways of empathising with the problems new technology creates. If I won’t use it, I shouldn’t expect you to either.”

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0 thoughts on “The future of worrying about your colleagues

  1. Dammit, I wondered if anyone had spotted. Some bad math on my part – fixed now. Hopefully.

    (though I too worried about my digital me taking a long walk off a short pier…)

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