Man versus robots and cities

Very much enjoyed the video for the new Chemical Brothers track "Believe", which portrays a man in the throws of some kind of mental breakdown, tormented by industrial robots – and the city.


The robot’s lolloping indefatigability gives them an air of menace that is a mix of the raptor, the T1000 from T2, and the rage-victims of 28 days later.


The use of depth-of-field in the shots and colour treatment of the video give it a claustrophobia and feeling of decay I, at least,  associate with the best, most terrifying British sci-fi of the 70s and 80s. Quatermass 4, Triffids, Pertwee in quarries, etc.

UNIT unfortunately doesn’t come to the rescue in this one.


The denouement, after a terriffic chase sequence, sees our antihero’s final downfall not at the claw of the robots, but by the city – as reality (and a 70s op-art concrete carpark) falls apart in psychadelic shards.

The best mini-movie I’ve seen in a while.

More on the directors, Dom & Nic,  the process and details of the CGI here.

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