Tracks in the city

This is "Ghetto Superstar"
Originally uploaded by blackbeltjones.

This is Pras, ODB and Mya’s “Ghetto Superstar”: a visualisation from Jake Elliot’s PopSketchSeries.

Artists statement:

“this is a series of drawings generated from pop songs. the songs are analyzed note-by-note. at each note, a line is drawn. the angle at which the line is drawn is determined by the pitch of the note and the length of the line is determined by the volume of the note. the result is a series of playful, doodle-like, linear drawings.

Imagine taking music visualisation, mixing in play and embodiment into the mobile realm – mobile music players allowing you to trace your tracks like a demented Logo Turtle through the city.

Joined-up listening – groups and groupies conga together through the streets propelled by a programmatic peer-2-peer pied piper.

Dance Dance Dance Situationist Revolution.

Vib Ribbon Reality…

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