Arthouse biotech

is a phrase that’s been blowing around in my head since I was in Austin, talking with Otwell and Boyd (which sounds like a great law firm, or a promising wacky misfit information science / buddy-cop pilot)

At /play, where nonsense lives, I wrote this:

Raiding the 21st century

The next step in cut-up culture
Arthouse biotech
Wetwork warhols
Nanobiological burroughs
Performance creationism
Xoological situationism
Some assembly required
Crick, Watson, Double-dee, Steinski.
Intelligent design as artistic statement
Playing god, 5 times a week with 2 matinees
Mashup mammals

Ellis writes tales of the Spidergoat.

Reality is entering the Silver-Age.

If you think it’s been getting wierd around here lately, and I should really be writing reams and reams about bloody tags or something; then tough.

When the going gets wierd – the wierd apply for patents.

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