Ghost Town

World Of Stuart visits the ghost village of Imber in Wiltshire:

In the winter of 1943, the War Office informed the inhabitants of the small Wiltshire village of Imber that their home was being requisitioned for the war effort. With the D-Day landings just a few months away, the government needed places to train American troops for the sort of house-to-house fighting that they expected to encounter in Nazi-occupied Europe, and presumably because of its location in the middle of Salisbury Plain, Imber was an ideal candidate. The villagers were given a month to evacuate, and told they’d be allowed back when the war was over. They never were.

[via Kieron Gillen]

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  1. Oh, and I once visited Capel Celyn one hot summer’s day about ten years ago. The village was evacuated and drowned so the valley could be turned into a lake (Llyn Celyn) to supply water for Liverpool. But during that summer’s drought the lake was dry and there was just a stream running under the old bridge. There was still some buildings and you could see some of the graffiti sprayed on just before the drowning. A very odd experience.

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