Casual Services: The ambiguity of work

In a post rich with ideas from Russell Beattie, this one stood out for me:

“Casual Services – I wonder if there’s a way to apply the lessons of the success of Casual Games to Web 2.0 type services? I think this is what the 37 Signals guys are really doing with their suite of apps, no? Backpack, Ta-Da and Writely are all easy to pick up and start using, easy to share, and yet are compelling in their own functional way. Yes, there are more advanced, all-encompassing services out there like, but though they’re the same thing in a way, they meet completely different needs. I need to think about this more, but I think there’s more analogies to be made along these lines.”


I think this adds to Janice and JJG’s thought of ‘feature-stingy apps’ from their interview with David Weinberger at Supernova this year as it accentuates the positive about an app being mr. in-between…

Sorry. That was terrible.

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