2 thoughts on “The ambiguity of pay

  1. No, they weren’t. While there were a selection of music videos in the store that were free to watch (and I do miss their passing), it didn’t have anywhere near the range of the ones that are available now. Certainly a lot of major artists never had any videos there.

  2. As someone who works for one of the majors (Sony BMG) on digitizing the entire catalog for the company, I can tell you that we never bothered to digitize our library and encode to high-end format that Apple is offering (h.264). But now that AOL, Yahoo and Apple have begun offering a higher-end service, we’ve digitized more than 7000 videos (we only had a handful before, all done in lowend codecs, streamed primarily).

    Even if videos turn out to be a lousy business, we have now digitized the entire catalog that we didnt have before. We have it at 25 MB/sec. too.

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