DUX05 (Partial) Notes: day one

Without warranty, and certainly not a complete record – but here are raw notes from Day One of the DUX 2005 conference:

Dux day one

user steered content

coloursmart app / home depot usa

mr blandings builds his dream home
90% of all paint sales are whites/neutrals

experience model of redecorating/painting process
‘mindsets’ for personas


buying loose diamonds at amazon.com
“i really don’t want to screw this up” = person’s primary thought through this task

cut/colour/clarity/carat-weight = parameters

no way to tell the size/scale

people are scared of getting ripped off, and the system shold be designed to build confidence

(screenshot of really nice ajaxy-slider app)

learn – refine – learn = loop

300% increase in sales.

Avenue A/Razf

developed a social network for the designers internally
rapid turn-around of questions answered by the community via rss feeds of queries being posted.

playing on the inherent curiosity of groups about their particpants.

showcase of your own cool stuff- create identity

the paradox of the library
messy libraries vs neat ones…
abe crystal / chapel hill

library as a symbol vs library as working place

messy informally organised personal collections are some times more often used than more organised collections

information ecologies




fred dust / ideo

smart spaces

“it’s not technology unless you’re crawling around on the floor”

started out as a frustrated architect

talk about the difficutly of the word user

design for parlimentary syztem of finland?

empathy as a tool

we need to love our users, not just understand them.

designing for behaviours rather than target markets – psychographics not demographics

storyteller / functionalist / camper

campers are people who NEVER really move in…

design for activities / behaviours and you get more than your target

rhona tannenbaum

obsessed with information + people

new products for the NYT – generated from observation of the readers

using eyetracking to establish how people read
arts and leisure section

worked on alexa for brewster kahle

visualisation of large amounts of data for alexa: the collective intelligence of the internet

working on the open library project, that launched last week

understand how others are reading the text

own project: storymixer

also working with plum.com?


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