DUX05 (Partial) Notes: day two

Again – without warranty, very incomplete notes from DUX 2005.

dux day two

“out in the world”
exepriences beyond the desktop

robert fabricant: frog
emotion and culture are the big issues in design for the next 10 yrs
subject is deep relaxation

entrepreneur who had an idea for a new way of managing stress
no concrete ideas – but he did have a name ‘stresseraser’
multi-d team from frog design came together to discover what it would be

what is behind stress:
(piece in HBR this mopnth)

vagus nerve: primary pacifiying nerve in the body
heart rate varialibity

handheld devices: a leading contributor to stress and mobility

big challenge to connect user research to insight and design

talked to people who did yog and meditation
and their ‘mentors’ – teachers etc

principles: touch / routine / ritual
tech responses: feedback / rhythm / reward

on market / people have fallen in love with it…

Shelley Evanson: The Sense Chair
people and robots at CMU
compelling robot products for aging communities

developed and prioritised 22 concepts from user research with elders

(shows video of sense chair – lots of disbelief, shaking of heads and giggles from audience about machine that assists people. Extreme lack of empathy with the old and infirm? or with robots? The uncanny. WOuld this response be different if we were in Japan?)

SICS / Anna Stahl : EMoto
Emmotional communication in mobile

enhance texts with animations, colour, graphics
colour theory, animation principles

Designing an arabic user experience

the talk doesn’t seem to illustrating any deep difference – perhaps cos there isn’t? or is it that I preconceived that there would be some baffling ‘otherness’ about doing it?

ritual of coffee making in s. india
the ritual and affordances of the vessels are interconnected – embedded in the utensils

movements involved echo the shapes of the tools = U n

aethestics of the movements in the ritual important

sudden yearning for personal identity in growing countries

cultural languages and movement grammars

designing for the chinese migrant worker
neema moraveji: MSR Asia

largest migration in human history: 120m people from villages to cities…

– levels of literacy: not binary – multiple layers of literacy: none/some/local/dialect/more/full/mandarin/pinyin/english
– privacy: community not individuals: not a sin to read someone elses mail
– sync: calling ahead to schedule another call on a shared phone
– no unique ID (official)
– kids trump cost: family and offspring important
– shared displays: shared newspaper reading – pinned out on noticeboards

stylus input
used to spelling by writing in the air with a finger

lists better than maps when it came to identifying home towns


Syncromate: supporting digital intimacy
Uni of Melbourne

phatic interactions
stregthen social bonds – create ooportunity
often a neglected part of communications
what goal could tech play?

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