Apologies in advance for my attempt at creating one of those blog-meme things.

I asked this question at dinner the other night with some friends, and it sparked a lot of fun debate… So it might have some legs, and you might find it interesting:

The silicon-virus combined with climate-change-server-meltdown means that the internet is going to be switched off tomorrow. What 5 things are you going to print out?

My five things:

How to make a fire

How to purify water

Elementary shelter construction

(My first three choices assume that the global poop has or will hit the fan and I’d like to know this stuff…)

Wikipedia article on The Beach Boys:
because it’s got the lot – also has a nice extensive discography to remind me of obscure songs to sing like ‘vegetables

A mosaic of my flickr favourites using FD’s flickr toys

So there. It was quite instructional looking up the things I thought I’d need. For instance, at a cursory glance, wikipedia doesn’t have that much ‘how-to’ stuff. Moreover, tends to have things that might be a lot of use at ‘burning-man’ but not under a burning atmosphere…

Of course, there were a couple of things brought up at dinner the other night.

With my GMF fear, I’m assuming that the poop is hitting the fan here (and also as someone sagely pointed out, even then I could always go scavenging in Borders…). What’s the situation like if everything else is normal, but the internet gets switched off? What would I salvage then?

I’m passing this on to Tom, Webb, Dan, Rod, Tom A and Foe…

0 thoughts on “Wikipedipocalypse

  1. Are you allowed to have other printed matter with you? For example, I might want to print out my favorite New Yorker article or a classic book, but not if I’m allowed to take my pre-existing physical copies with me.

  2. I’d turn off the computer that very instant and walk away… to the bank, take out all my money, bring it to a gold dealer and buy coins. Funny how quickly this devolves into a doomsday scenario, innit? Reminds me of the opening episode of James Burke’s “Connections”.

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