Jobs at Nokia Design

Thanks to everyone who got in touch. We’re closing the advertising now for the posts ‘IRL’, so I’ll do the same here.

This is the first time I’ve done such a thing (I think) and as far as I know it’s the first time we’ve done it at Nokia Design, but it seems to have worked for others in the past, so here goes…

We’re looking for a few mind-blowing people to join the team working on user-experience and interaction design for Nokia Nseries [warning – a lot of Flash] and other multimedia goodness.

There are two roles up for grabs at the moment:

Senior Design Specialist, User Experience Design
This is quite a senior role, and would suit someone with 8+ years of experience in UE design, 5+− years as UE creative lead.
It is both a ‘business-facing’ role and a team-building/growing role: excellent people and team working skills are a definite plus. It’s also a creative role, excellent concepting/vision-communication skills are needed. We’re working in an increasing multi-disciplinary and rapidly-prototyping manner, so both wide brains and deep skills are a must.


User-Experience Designer
This might suit someone who is a post-grad designer with 2-3 years industry experience under their belt – not necessarily directly mobile, but with a strong multi-platform, , multi-device, people-centred view of interaction design. This is much more of a hand-on, project-oriented role, but again it’s working in the same multi-disciplinary, rapidly-prototyping team environment. Excellent UE/UI/interaction prototyping skills are needed here (Flash, Illustrator, all the usuals etc – plus pens, post-its and polyboard!) to be able to evaulate concepts and designs quickly.

If you’re looking for what must be one of the most challenging jobs in mobile experience design, are interested and willing to work in Helsinki or London, or have any questions, then drop me a line at the usual email address matt (at) and I can put you in touch with our recruitment people to get more detail job descriptions etc.