QotD: My First Car

Tell us a little something about your first car.  Do you have any photos you can share? 
Submitted by tamara.

The first and only car I have ever owned was a 1980 Mercedes 280SL pillarless coupe called "Rusty" – full name "Rusty Chrome, Crimefighter".

I was bought from Big Matt's mate Klaus in the pub (The Perserverence, Holborn, I believe) for £100. It cost four times that to insure it, and I probably put more petrol into it that it cost. That's what car-buying after five pints of lager gets you.

Rusty was navigated rather than driven, was berthed rather than parked, and had quite a lot of mildew in the upholstery, which discouraged casual passengers.

He eventually was turned into a small cube by Islington Borough Council.

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