Eloi vs Morlocks: Fictional Superspies Edition

When it comes to the people saving the Earth, or just the UK, or even just Cardiff from peril – don’t you want them to have a little more technical savvy, than, say a bored teenager?

Take a look at what alien crimefighters and Gallifreyan-crossword-anagram-answer, Torchwood are using:
Torchwood are Eloi

Despite being a shadowy paragovernmental agency entrusted with securing alien technology – they are most comfortable something that resembles a bad Web2.0 site, or a dodgy trillian skin at best. They’re your Hotmail friends! They’re the people who send you that Ok-Go treadmill YouTube clip four months after you saw it!

They’re Eloi! We’re doomed!!!

Reassuringly, good old Five are staffed with much more CLI-kinds of guys…

Spooks are Morlocks

The Spooks, unlike their colleagues at CTU (who seem to favour the 45 degree angled corners of professional flash design circa 2002) are strictly on the command-line tip with the odd snazzy-but-useful bit of hardcore datavis.


2 thoughts on “Eloi vs Morlocks: Fictional Superspies Edition

  1. What? The Spooks are totally obsessed with shitty interface too. I’m sure Malcolm’s running Ubuntu Unstable… but everyone else has this crazy blue interface in which almost everything can be dragged and dropped into oblivion. You accidentally drag the File menu to the Trash… and it deletes all your files! It’s super-unintuitive and always makes it dead easy for the bad guys to press the big “STEAL ENTIRE HARD DISK” button, whilst making “using the damn thing” hard for anyone.

    Still, better than CTU, as you say.

  2. Web 2 or Ubuntu, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve got a deadly accurate progress bar when copying files from someone elses machine to a memory stick as they head towards you down the corridor outside.

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