I got ‘5 thingzd’ by Matt Webb

My vox blog seems to be the place for these sorts of 'LiveJournally' things, so I hope Webb doesn't think I'm cheating.

Here are five trivial things that most people won't know but couldn't possibly be used to socially-engineer me (I have a theory that all such memes are a masssively-distributed I.D. theft scam) – enjoy!

1) I illustrated a two-page Judge Dredd story at age 14.
It was in the 1987 Judge Dredd Annual, and was the only story ever to feature Dredd and Ace Garp. I'd won the chance to do it through a children's TV show called 'Splash'. It was written by Alan Grant who was wonderful about it all (as were the entire editiorial team, including Steve McManus/Tharg) and spoilt me rotten with advice and help. I got paid for it (handsomely, I thought) and put the money towards buying an Atari 520STFM. I never got to draw comic books professionally, but perhaps I will when I grow up.

2) I wanted to study graphic design or typography at college,
but got disuaded by a combination of my father, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I thought graphic designers would be on the Golgafringian B Ark) and having a massive unrequited crush on a girl who was going to university, not art college. Hence, architecture – and all the fun since. The irony, of course, is that I now have a job that is deeply 'B Ark'.

3) I had glandular fever through my 'A' levels (the final exams you do before leaving secondary school around 17/18) which meant that I kept falling asleep during the exams and had to be nudged awake by the invigilators. I got it from snogging someone on my 18th birthday, who then dumped me. All I remember about her now is that she wore pop socks. I probably benefitted from some kind of lucid dream recall effect, as I got pretty good results.

4) I got a travel scholarship from my university to visit Los Angeles in 1994
and stayed with an alumni of my architecture school who was working for Richard Meier on the Getty Center. I got back to Cardiff and couldn't afford to publish my report in order to claim the balance of my scholarship, so I taught myself HTML and published my first website, which got me my first job working on the web back in 1995. My queries on web design and HTML were answered by Rob Hartill, who was at Cardiff working on the very first version of the IMDb and Heather Champ, who was creating lovely websites for the architecture school at Princeton.

5) I have pissed against what is widely accepted to be one of the most magnificent pieces of 20th Century Architecture – The Salk Institute, La Jolla. This is a secret shame I share with Matt Webb.

I guess this is where I'm meant to tag five people? So I would like to hear from Jack Schulze, Dan Hill, Chris Heathcote, Desiree Milosevic and of course, Foe Romeo

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