With the ill behaviour

In Grant Morrison's magnificently-wierd "The Filth", he proposes that we are all dancing to the whims of the billions of bacteria, mitochondria, and other microscopic lifeforms that inhabit us. Free will is an illusion brought on by human scale alone.

After this holiday season I know this to be true – I have been pole-axed by the common cold at one scale and the corporation at the other. My only days of paid leave that I used were spent coughing, sneezing, generally oozing mucus and feeling sorry for myself.

As the holiday season ebbed away, so did my illness. I can literally feel my cold winding down in perfect asymptotic minute-by-minute countdown synchronisation to my return to work.

Bloody marvellous.

On the plus side, I did get to catch up with quite a bit of television taped off the internets.

"Heroes" is fine nonsense, isn't it?

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